• Name of product in purchases.
  • Fix Title in reports.
  • New type of the add in POS.
  • Fix title in list of products.
  • Fix title in List of persons.
  • New date Selector in Products Deals.
  • Add Deelete Invoice.
  • Add Help tips.
  • New Icon :).
  • Add Support for capture Product Image.
  • Add new selection type in POS Window.
  • Fix Payouts type, saved incorrect.
  • Fix slow translations(more speed).


2013/01/10 v 1.10

  • Validate money source in Invoice Payouts.
  • New Products List information.
  • Export CSV Format in some Reports (Paid version).
  • Major UI improvement.
  • New simple reports in Customer Panel (Paid version).
  • Fix Date add in customers and Providers Forms.
  • Fix some Translations (I Need a help ;) ).

2012/12/11 v1.08


  • Add support for new Invoice from Customer Panel.
  • Add Custom decimal/Millar configuration.
  • Add backup Database support(Paid Version).
  • Add Export to PDF in some reports(Paid Version).

2013/01/01 v1.09

  • Fix.Valid Product in purchases.
  • Add Support for fixed price.
  • Add "Rotation" in products Families, Like groceries.
  • Init.Sync time process, for publishing in 1.1 version.
  • Add Messages Logs.
  • Add Money definition DATABASE (feature).
  • Major backup process.
  • Support Restore Database (Paid Version).
  • Fix Mount in receipts.
  • Fix Discount concepts in receipts.
  • Fix date for Deals.
  • Add Delete Deals support.
  • Test 1.03,1.04,1.07,1.08 to 1.09 ready (Test data without error).

2013/01/10 v 1.10

  • Alter table productos.
  • Alter table operaciones.
  • Alter table ofertas.
  • Add Receipt Form editor(beta) .
  • Add file selection source in product image.
  • Add Work steps.
  • Add Statistical movements for operational control.
  • Fix purchase Invoice print name.
  • New receipts features.
  • MartFree (Free version from DroidMart) is all feature enabled. only this version.
  • Add capacity from sync for all tables(next feature).
  • Add support for fractions in Kilogram/pound-weight
  • Add PDF/CVS Export in Receipts and Cash Flow Reports(Paid Version).
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Automatic backup database after update.

Feb/2013 v 1.12

  • Fixed some words in french language.
  • Fixed some words in portuguese language.
  • Add support for payouts with Credit Card using
  • New Ad Network in Free Version... :/
  • Fix path name in portuguese language.
  • New Reports.
  • Major reports.
  • Add "Cash on Delivery" Payment Type.


2013-03-02 v 1.3

  • Add beautiful invoice model.
  • Fixed some word in German Lang.
  • Fixed slow translation(more speed).
  • Added Invoice List in Customer Panel.
  • Add Currency symbol configuration.
  • Add Country configuration.
  • Add major preferences edition.
  • Add ticket option in POS.
  • Add Print Selector option in Settings.
  • Add Brother Print App support.
  • Add Samsung Mobile App Support.
  • Add Dell Mobile print support.
  • No more stupid adds >(... buy the complete version!


2013-05-05 v1.5 Puebla.

  • Add Import CSV for Products Table.
  • Add Printer Bixolon SPP r200 support.
  • Add onfly price. Price Calculate in the POS.
  • Add nostock especial tag in product family.
  • Automatic backup Database in upgrade.
  • Fixed : Show List of database backups.
  • Add : two controls on forms to better capture.
  • Add contextual menu in operations(POS).
  • Add terminal password.
  • Add control for special tags.
  • Rename FreeMart to DroidMart Lite.


2013-06-23 v1.6 Yucatán

  • Add language switch.
  • Add 3 special price for products.
  • Delete product.
  • Delete Family.
  • Add Indonesian Language.
  • Minor Fixes.
  • Add Inventory Out.

2013-08-30 v1.6.2 Yucatán MAE

  • Add full support for comma separator (,).- España.
  • Add Decimal products in Purchases, Sales, etc.

2013-11-05 v1. [HS DxD New]

  • Add Import Customers [Complete version].
  •  Add Import Invoices [Complete version].
  •  Add Operation Movements Reports.
  • Fix support for PrintBot App.
  •  Fix Ticket details.
  •  Fix Cash Flow Report.
  •  Add Email send for invoices.
  •  Add Edit action from Customer Panel.
  •  Add Experimental support for Microsoft Excel.


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